Compressed Air Filters

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Proactive time-based replacement of your air filter reduces energy use, the largest percentage of your filtration operating costs (78%) - unlike the traditional reactive approach that focuses only on element change out cost (13%).

How does it work?

When the filter element is initially installed, the ERI flashes briefly and then turns off. After six months, it automatically flashes to indicate that it's time for replacement. Seventy two hours later,the indicator stays illuminated continuously.....alerting everyone within view that replacement is necessary ! It's that simple, that reliable.

Ingersoll Rand delivers next-generation improvementsin filter performance, efficiency; reliability and quality.

The Compressed Air Filters that Havacaran offers are:



Heavy Duty Filtration

High Temperature and High Pressure SolutionsThe new line of heavy duty filtration offered by Ingersoll Randwill accommodate specific high temperature or high pressureapplication needs that standard filters cannot meet.Conventional filtration operates in temperatures upto 80°C and pressures nearing 16 bar g, while heavyduty filtration can reach temperatures of 200°C or 40 bar g. Expect the same high quality air from theIngersoll Rand heavy duty filters - offering highefficiency particulate filtration and a low pressuredrop. The reinforced, durable housing of our heavyduty filters provide reliability in even the harshestindustrial environments.


High Pressure Filtration

.Fully functional, high efficiency filtration inhigh pressure applications of up to 40 barg.

.Robust housing suitable for almost anyhigh pressure environment .


High Temperature Filtration

·Continuous operation at 150°C with intermittentcapabilities at 200°C.

.Equipped with a differential pressure gauge toindicate element condition and float drain forproper condensate removal.

.Spiral copper tubing allows hot air to cool as itpasses the pressure gauge providing instantand accurate reading.