Air Dryers

Innovative Design is Now Within Reach

Ingersoll Rand heatless and heated blower desiccant dryers-are engineered for easy access,maximum efficiency and long life-are delivered in a state-of the-art low profile package, making installation and operation a snap!

Low Profile for Easy Maintenance

One look tells you that Ingersoll Rand desiccant dryers are like no others. Our low profile design provides easy access to key maintenance points at operator level for faster servicing and less downtime.

The lower silhouette also allows upright shipment and facilitates simpler installation. With manifolds angled toward the centre at operator level, the high performance valves are easily accessed for maintenance. For example, a typical diaphragm valve in a heatless dryer can be rebuilt in less than ten minutes,without removing the valve from the manifold.

The air dryres that Havacaran offers are:


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