• Air Compressors


    Havacaran as a supplier of Ingersoll Rand, Comp Air, Atlas Copco,… and various type of compressors and compressed air equipment. In addition, Havacaran packages variuos types of air compressors according to the customers’ requirements.

    The types of air compressors being supplied and/or packaged by Havacaran are:

    This factories, as a world class leader in manufacturing quality compressed air products, supplies products specifically designed to provide reliability, performance, durability and quality design.

    This factories scope of supply includes the extensive range of rotary screw compressors, with both fluid cooled and oil free models ; oil-free centrifugal compressors which are widely used for continuous duty applications ; and a large family of reciprocating compressors for most duties, including high pressure, oil-free and vacuum pumps.


    This factories control solutions and remote monitoring of equipment maximize the efficiency and ease of operation of a customer's compressed air equipment, resulting in reduced downtime and service costs, and increased efficiency of operation.



  • Process Gas Compressors

    Process gas compressors are inherently engineered products made according to the customers’ requirements. However, a completely tailor-made package may be costly as a gas compressor package involves various units and components that are not manufactured by the compressor prime vendor. Hence, sourcing for suitable and competitive sub-suppliers, who are familiar with local specifications and codes of practice, may cause limitations to the compressor prime vendor.

    At Havacaran, in order to better serve our customers, we have combined our packaging experience together with our team of experts’ knowledge and expertise in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industry. In this respect, we follow MODULAR PACKAGING approach. In this approach, the entire compressor package is broken into various modules, such as the compressor block, lube oil console, cooling water console (if applicable), main driver, control & instrumentation, skid, gas coolers (if applicable), etc., and each of these modules are optimally sourced from various competent OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers). All necessary packaging activities together with necessary coordination and management of the modules are performed by Havacaran to the fullest extent in order to satisfy the clients’ requirements considering the local standards and regulations.

    The types of gas compressors being supplied by Havacaran based on modular packaging approach are:



  • Turbo-expanders

    For producing atmospheric gases like oxygen, nitrogen and argon in large scale, low temperature distillation provides the most economical route from many points of view. In addition, many industrially important physical processes require very low temperature in the form of cryogenic distillation. Such cryogenic process plants are exclusively based on the low-pressure cycles for which an expansion turbine to generate refrigeration is an essential part of the plant.

    Turbo-expanders are highly engineered products, which are always built according to the process requirements as well as to the customers’ specifications.

    Turbo-expander packages are characterized into three distinct application categories:


  • Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators

    Industrial gases such as oxygen and nitrogen play an important part of our economy. The production and its proper utilization is considered to be an index of technological advancement of a society. Though nature has provided an abundant supply of gaseous raw materials in the atmosphere (oxygen, nitrogen) and beneath the earth’s crust (natural gas, helium), we should harness and store them for meaningful use. Oxygen is a basic input to many industrial processes - steel making, ferrous non-ferrous metallurgy, welding sewage treatment, rocket propulsion and medical applications etc. Nitrogen is used as a blanket gas in most chemical processes and serves as basic raw material in production of fertilizers and ammonia based chemicals.

    Havacaran, as sales and after-sales representative of IGS Italy, can supply small to medium size Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators based on the following technologies:


  • Custom-built Process Packages

    Combining Havacaran’s experience in modular packaging and its knowledge of the oil, gas and petrochemical business lead to a unique capability to supply Custom-built Process Packages such as refrigeration systems, mole sieve dehydration, and other built-to-purpose process packages through well-known international manufacturers and technology owners.

    Havacaran especially offers the following Custom-built Process Packages to customers’ specifications as well as International standards through reputable world-class technology owner companies:


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