Oil Injected Rotary Screw Compressors

Two Stage Screw Compressors

Ingersoll Rand Two Stage Compressors - provide ultimate efficiency over a wide range of capacity realizing savings during every hour of operation.


Energy efficiency is one of the most important

Considerations in judging the successful operation of a compressed air system, Energy costs can often exceed the purchase price of equipment, even during the system's first year of operation.

On average, compressed air systems use 10% of the energy consumed by a production facility, so even small improvements help maximize plant energy efficiency. Ingersoll Rand's rotary screw air compressors are designed to help you reduce waste and lower your operating costs - here's how we do it.

Energy Recovery System Option

The two-stage fixed speed compressor can be equipped with the Energy Recovery System (ERS) to minimize energy costs even further and benefit the environment.

The Ingersoll Rand ERS coolant-to-water heat exchanger utilizes the thermal energy captured in compressor coolant to heat the water up to 70°C. Energy costs can be significantly reduced by supplementing your current water heating system with recovered heat.

Coolant Curtain…for more Energy Savings

One of the keys to the efficiency of the two-stage design is the coolant curtain. Significant cooling of the air is achieved by injecting atomized oil into the compressed air stream leaving the first stage. Lowering the air temperature prior to entering the second stage significantly decreases the energy required for compression. The coolant curtain also eliminates the need for an intercooler.

two stage oil inject screw


Single Stage Screw Compressors


Testing each and every compressor produced ensures the highest reliability and lowest operating cost compressor available.



The SSR is fully piped and wired, resulting in simple external connection of all utilities.



The cooling air flow discharges from the top of the package facilitating easy ducting for removal and/or recovery of exhaust heat.



To fit the needs of the compressed air system Ingersoll-Rand offers the choice of an air-cooled or water cooled design.



The SSR package is remarkably uncluttered, making servicing easy. All components are readily accessible behind easily removable panels.



This advanced starter gives the compressor a controlled, cushioned start, eliminating current surges and extending component life for increased system reliability.



Using O-ring fittings on all connections 1/2" and larger significantly reduces the potential leakage problems associated with conventional threaded fittings.

single stage oil inject screw

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