Portable Compressors


High performance, easy operation, and outstanding control

Carefully designed to meet your specific demands, the NHP1500 provides the power, fuel efficiency, and easy-to-operate features you need while meeting current and future emissions regulations. This high-performance compressor will help you get the most out of your long-term rental dollar.


Our NHP1500 oil- free compressor has a number of options designed for maximum versatility.

Auto start

Includes a voltage relay switch connection to allow operators to run the machine at a distance, as well as a pressure detection system that automatically starts the machine if the system pressure drops below a certain level.

Marine-grade battery charger

NEMA 4-rated charger is fully enclosed and sealed to protect the charger and ensure full battery power. This marine-grade charger is built to last the life of the compressor, even after multiple steam cleanings.

Oil replenishment system

Maintains sufficient lubrication for the engine and reduces maintenance costs by allowing up to 500 hours of full-load operation between service intervals.


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