Spare Parts Warehousing

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At Havacaran, we understand your critical need for high-quality OEM parts, delivered on time, when and where you need them. That is why we only provide OEM guaranteed high quality parts, fully comprehensive parts kits, availability and management of spare & wear parts, and scheduled or emergency delivery times.

An on-line spare parts supply form is available to facilitate the ordering process for all our contracted customers. Customers can order and receive delivery confirmation for any spare part where the product number is already known.
In addition to efficiently handling routine quotes and orders, our spare parts specialists address the unique needs of each customer including parts identification, upgrade recommendations and customized parts kits designed to simplify maintenance.
Havacaran maintains an engineering file on every unit we package to further support our customers.
We offer you more than just equipment parts; we offer you genuine spare parts resulting in overall cost savings avoiding trouble and prolonged downtimes. As a result, we offer you:

Enhanced component reliability and Best life cycle costs