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We offer full range of repair solutions through our fully equipped repair shop staffed with highly skilled personnel. Our service organization consists of dedicated and experienced engineers, technicians, welders, machinists and mechanics offering total service repair capabilities.
With our broad scope of capabilities, we provide single-source service for virtually any size, type or make of equipment.
 Our repair shop is equipped with a state-of-the-art High Speed Balancing, which enables us to perform delicate rotor balancing at our repair shop, which is highly beneficial to our customers in saving them money and downtime for ordering expensive rotor sets.

High-speed rotor balancing simulates actual operating conditions, providing the opportunity to optimize a rotor and to make corrections before the rotor is installed. High-speed balancing verifies the mechanical integrity of the rotor design throughout the entire speed range prior to unit installation, and ensures smooth operation of the rotor at rated speed. Havacaran can balance rotors up to 800 mm in diameter, with bearing journal diameters up to 140 mm and rotor speeds up to 60,000 rpm. The bearing pedestals can accommodate the use of either tilt-pad or liner type bearings.
In addition, or repair shop is equipped with a number of special tools, including some microprocessor based control system simulator, which is used for diagnostic and program uploading as well as personnel training.

Expertise and Know-how to reduce downtime & costs.