Engineering & Project Management

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At Havacaran, packaging as part of our core business takes our full attention. Each package, whether a compressor, dryer or other process packages are carefully designed and engineered by our team of engineers, consisting of mechanical, structure, piping, electrical and instrumentation engineers.
Since complying with the customers’ specification is our main objective, each project is considered a unique endeavor and a project management team during the whole life cycle of the project, consisting of project manager and project scheduler & controller, is assigned to each project. In addition, depending on the size of the project and as required, project engineers are assigned to the project as the project progresses.
The project management team liaise with the client project management and arrange necessary coordination meetings between our engineering team and client’s engineers as necessary. We, at Havacaran, believe that such coordination is absolutely necessary at the start of the project in order to set the correct path for the project execution.
Our engineering and project management team ensure that the package final books are prepared and delivered on time and with high quality, including or necessary information and instructions for safeguarding a successful life-cycle operation of each machine.

A well-engineered piece of machinery ensures trouble free operation.