Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Type Generators

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The PSA Gas Generators apply an optimized Pressure Swing Adsorption process for the separation of either the nitrogen or the oxygen in ambient air from the other gases.
A Nitrogen or an Oxygen PSA Generator contains either two single adsorption vessels (Twin-Tower systems) or a series of modules of two adsorption vessels (Modular systems), where each vessel is filled with an appropriate molecular sieve.
The gas production process starts by pressurizing one of the adsorption vessels with clean feed air. Before the equilibrium load is reached at the top of the adsorption bed, the feed air supply will be interrupted to prevent a break-through.
The adsorption vessels are alternatively loaded in order to guarantee a continuous product flow. If one adsorption vessel is loaded, simultaneously the other one is regenerated by a pressure decrease (desorption). The depressurization required for regeneration is obtained by simply venting to the atmosphere.

Prior to the subsequent adsorption and desorption phase, a pressure equalization will take place between the adsorption vessels in order to preload the regenerated vessel by a gas rich in product.
The offered PSA generators are able to produce nitrogen with a residual oxygen content from 10 ppm to 3.0 vol.% with an oxygen purity between 90 - 95%.
Havacaran offers the following range of PSA type Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators:


Flow Range (Nm3 /h)

Max Pressure (barG )

Temp . Range (oC )


36 to 144


-29 to 43


396 to 792


-29 to 43


1476 to 7344


-29 to 43